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Open Spaces can offer you a range of services to ensure the best solution to your recruitment needs. Our flexible approach to service provision means tailored agreements to answer your staff requirements.

Open Spaces aims to provide a complete IT recruitment service by supplying both permanent and contract staff across all hardware and software platforms. Open Spaces will provide a dedicated account manager who will ensure that predetermined service levels are met whilst maintaining skills availability in order to consistently meet the needs of the client.

Open Spaces has achieved growth organically due to our philosophy on service provision:
• We never send more than 3 CV’s for any position unless instructed by our client.
• We always thoroughly discuss the job specification with candidates prior to submitting their CV’s.
• We never submit a CV without the candidate’s permission.

Open Spaces has extensive knowledge and ability, which would assist in the recruitment process and procedures.

Open Spaces can offer the following recruitment services in order to assist in the process:
• Experienced Recruitment Specialists with experience in analysing technical and personal skills in order to pre-screen individuals.
• Open Spaces can provide tests geared towards specialist technical skills in order to ascertain technical ability. Tests can be carried in-house or sent to the Customer for their own use.
• Open Spaces can conduct interviews or provide consultants with the specific skills required in order to gauge technical suitability.
• Open Spaces are able to provide reports regarding current market trends, including salary expectations and market contract rates.
• A shortlist of Open Spaces candidates can be supplied in order to draw a comparison of skills and financial considerations.

Open Spaces has provided strategic & technical consultancy expertise to several public & private sector organizations.


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